Vallie Gilley, the proud owner of Jitters!

Vallie Gilley also Know as The Master Baker an Oceanside Native and Proud Owner of Jitters Coffee Pub has been baking, cooking and brewing for the last 18 years. She brings her South Oceanside Vibe to the her North Oceanside Community. Growing up in a kitchen with parents who cooked and served food made from the heart it doesn’t seem so strange that she would end up a chef, baker and barista. She has really put a fun spin on her unique self taught baking style serving fresh Muffins baked daily with love and creative flavor, tasty jam filled Oat Bars and her Weekend Brunch bursting with colorful ingredients and her unapologetic unique style. Vallie being a longtime vegetarian living in a meat eaters world sought out something different and individual. She was classically trained in Vegetarian and Indian Cooking but her Hispanic culinary roots hold strong making her cooking style remarkably delicious and she notably tries to live in a  very local, seasonal and sustainable balance.

 I’m a true foodie at heart, but without all the pretentiousness. I cook from the soul and I love seeing people take their first bite, its my guilty pleasure.

~ If you have tasted anything The Master Baker has made then you know
she puts her money where here fork is, or rather your fork. ~